Is there a way to export the GO JS diagram to pdf?


I have gone through many samples, bt could not find any sample code for export the diagram to pdf. Any help on this is highly appreciated.


Most customers who need to generate PDF do so in one of two manners:

We do not have any experience with the variety of PDF-generating software that is available, so we cannot recommend any particular ones. You can search this forum for suggestions.

Hi Walter I tried the Diagram.makeSvg for create the svg image, it will create the inline svg element , i am trying to make svg image as PDF ,but there is no option in client side directly export svg as PDF so as you mention previous post sending svg in sever side make PDF. I am sending the inline svg in and converted the data:image/svg+xml;base64 binary format but i can’t able get proper solution export svg to PDF , if you Don’t mind could you send me the link related to the issue.Thanks advance.

As my previous reply stated, we do not have any particular experience using any PDF-generating libraries, so you will need to search the web yourself for how to do this.

It cannot be very difficult because I know many of our customers have done this without any help on our part.

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