Is there any way to export GoJs diagram as MS Visio file?


We use GoJs to build a web app which allow user to create diagrams in browser, and export the diagrams as Microsoft Visio files, therefore, users can continue edit their diagrams in Visio.

Is there any build-in way to achieve this?

We try to export a GoJs diagram as SVG file, then open it in Visio, however, we can’t drag node/link as we did in canvas…

We have no plans to generate Visio VDX or VSDX files.

When generating the SVG from GoJS, I hope you are able to see the diagram correctly in Visio. The problem is just that Visio is unable to interact with nodes and links separately, yes?

I suppose there might be a way to tell Visio to ungroup the SVG elements so that each Node and each Link was a separate group. But even then if the user were to drag one “node” in Visio, any logically connected “links” would not be rerouted to follow the node as you would see in GoJS.