Is there way to represent palette in the form of dropdown so we can choose the nodefrom it?

I have a palette using which will drag and drop the node now, but i want to switch to the concept of dropdown instead of palette, where i can select a node and drop it on the diagram.

A Palette is just a Diagram, and a Diagram is just contained in a DIV element. So you just need to show and hide that DIV as a dropdown.

Or am I misinterpreting what you want to create?

like go.palette will add nodes into accordion similarly is there way to all the nodes into the dropdown by clicking those nodes corresponding node drawn on the diagram for example form the image by clicking on the control flow the control flow node has to be drawn on the diagram.

If you just want to use a <select>, you can, but the advantage of drag-and-drop is that the user gets to determine precisely where to put the new node.

You can implement and style whatever you like in HTML – that really doesn’t involve GoJS other than the code to add a node to a diagram, for which there are many examples in the sample apps.

ok, thank you…:)