Is this possible with GoJS?

Hi everyone,

New to GoJS. Looking at it as an option to do the diagram that is linked below. Is something like that possible? From going through all the samples, it may involve a couple of different ideas pulled together.

Concept diagram


Take a look at this sample:

The main point of that sample is to make sure the labels are on the “outside” of the graph.

As far as the node contents are concerned, it’s easy to show a Picture. But if your picture images aren’t already circular, we’ll give you a way to easily clip them.

Thanks. I will take a look at that example to see what I can do with it. Any examples with images that you would recommend me to look at?

Just use a Picture object where you want to display an image.

I do recommend reading and, so that you can become familiar with the capabilities that GoJS offers.

Thanks for the direction. I finally had some time yesterday and today to sit down with GoJS and give it a shot. It took a while to get situated with the product but things are starting to click. Thanks for the help!

GoJS proof of concept

Looks like you are making great progress.

If you have any questions or comments, we’re eager to hear them.

I’d love to see your node template so far, if you don’t mind