IsExpandedSubGraph is not sync in overview


I have a problem with the overview.

When I expand a group in the diagram the overview doesn’t look the same.

When I investigate the problem I saw with snoop that the group in the overview have a false value in the property IsExpandedSubGraph but in the diagram it is true.

So the overview doesn’t look the same as the diagram because the group is collapse in the overview.

Do you know why this happening?

How do I sync the group in the overview with the group in the diagram?


The Overview sees the same data model that its Observed Diagram does. However it does automatically keep track of common properties even if they are not being maintained in the model.

So the standard answer is that there must be a data-binding for that property in the DataTemplate used by the Overview. Of course that would require a two-way binding on the property in your observed diagram.

Alternatively you can set up a listener to detect collapses/expands in the main diagram and then do the corresponding changes in your overview.