Issues while upgrading goJS Angular

Hi, I was trying to update

"gojs": "2.1.14",
"gojs-angular": "1.0.2",


 "gojs": "2.1.38",
 "gojs-angular": "1.0.17",

Before updating, the output is as follows:
After updating, the output is as follows:

Only Node Modules is updated remaining every thing is same.
There are no errors as well.
Can you please let me know if there are any breaking changes…?
And any solution for that…?

This is unexpected. Can you downgrade the angular package and only update GoJS to isolate what’s causing the issue?

Hi Simon,
After downgrading the angular package and only updating GoJS it is working fine…

What to do for upgrading Angular package?

Can you please send an email with example code to gojs at ? If you can send us your code, we can investigate what the issue with the latest gojs-angular release is

Below I have mentioned the diagram configs we are using:

const createDiagram = (): go.Diagram => {

  const { make } = go.GraphObject;

  return make(go.Diagram, {

    'undoManager.isEnabled': true,

    'textEditingTool.selectsTextOnActivate': false,

    'commandHandler.archetypeGroupData': { isGroup: true, vertical: true },

    initialScale: 0.9,

    padding: 20,

    mouseDrop: (e) => {

      finishDrop(e, null);

    }, // finishDrop will be called when a drag-drop occurs in the Diagram's background

    'dragSelectingTool.isEnabled': true,

    'draggingTool.isEnabled': false,

    model: make(go.GraphLinksModel, {

      linkKeyProperty: 'key', // IMPORTANT! must be defined for merges and data sync when using GraphLinksModel

    ChangedSelection: selectionChanged,

    BackgroundSingleClicked: clearPropertiesSelection,

    TextEdited: nodeNameChanged,

    layout: make(go.TreeLayout, {
      layerSpacing: 60,
      nodeSpacing: 60,
      angle: 90, 
      setsChildPortSpot: false,
      setsPortSpot: false,



Due to company policy I wont be able to share all of the code, Let me know if you need any thing else.

That really isn’t enough for us to go on. Sorry.

I think for our purposes, we are most interested in your node / link templates, and the data that is driving them. Perhaps you could send those along, along with some faked data, so you don’t break company policy? If you feel more comfortable with sending email directly to us, you may do so: gojs at

Ya that would be better…
Will discuss with my team and let you know…