ItemArray and get the object binded in object hierachy for doubleClick event

I have node which contains itemtemplate to which array of object for the corresponding data is binded.

{ key : 1, items : [ { name : ‘A’, key :‘001’ } , { name : ‘B’, key : ‘002’ } ] }

double click event is handled on the node level. ( as when i am not able to get double click event fired on the gojs object used for this items binded using itemtemplate)

on node level, i am able to get the object and see its property like “text” or “fill” using -

What I need is the object { name :‘A’, key :'001}. How to get that ??

The simplest thing to do is to implement a doubleClick event handler on the Panel that is the itemTemplate. Why does that not work for you?