JGo as applet communicating with .NET


has anyone got experience in using the JGo component as an applet in a web page but communicating with a .NET backend?
Basically the ASP.NET diagramming components don’t have fast enough response time etc. for a fluid use experience. The Java based ones do. So I would like to investigate the possibility of connecting from .NET to a JAVA applet embedded in an ASP.NET page. In this case the JGo component.

Thanks for your thoughts about it.

We are currently doing this and the interaction of Dot Net and Java was the biggest head ache for us. We implemented in this configuration for exactly the same reason you described. (Better user experience) We wrote a program to generate proxy classes which takes in the WSDL of our web service and a XSL document to create JAXB based classes for the Java Client. Basically the XSL looks at the schema of the WSDL and creates classes for each type and service call. I did this a couple of years ago so there may be some better tools now a days to do this but it works and you know what they say about that. :) BTW, AXIS did not work and had security issues. You absolutely have to sign your applet also.

Thanks. Glad to know that it works.