JGo on a JApplet

I am trying to run a JGo document from a browser, so far i have managed to run it just fine. The problem i have currently is to be able to implement the CUT/Copy and Paste functionalities…they are all throwing a security related errors.

Can any body help me implement them on an Applet.

I haven’t tried this, but perhaps you can override JGoView.copy(), cut(), and paste() to call the super method in a try-catch. If there’s a permission error, try to do the same thing that the standard definitions do [you’ll need to copy and abstract out the code in JGoView.java] except use a global variable instead of the real system clipboard.
That way cut/copy/paste within your app will work – which is presumably what you need, but cross-app cut/copy/paste won’t – which it couldn’t anyway.