JGoLabeledLinks on JGoAreas


When I use code like this:
JGoLabeledLink link1 = new JGoLabeledLink(from, to);
link1.setMidLabel(new JGoLinkLabel(“case 1”));
…and add the link to a top level view everything works fine. However when I add the above link to a JGoArea that has been added to that view the label on the link isn’t renderdered. Anyone come across this?


It works fine for me when the area is a JGoSubGraph; I haven’t tried a simple JGoArea or a JGoNode, but I’d be surprised if the behavior were any different.
One thing that wasn’t clear from your post: is your JGoArea a view object rather than part of a JGoLayer in a JGoDocument?


apologies for not replying sooner - just getting back to this issue now! To answer your question - My JGoArea is a view Object. I’ve got many nested JGoAreas that are just added as children to the previous one - is this whats causing the problem?


Yes, that’s not going to work for view objects. You’ll need to have these objects be part of your JGoDocument.