JGoText or Comment autowrap newline and r

Using JGo 5.2 (beta) I have a Comment class from the Demo1 example and set it so it is multiline and resizable. The client wants both autowrap and the ability to enter a newline, however with autowrap on, a carrige rerturn causes the edit to terminate. The Escape key aborts the edit.
Since Comment has a JGoText and the JGoTextEdit key handler is the place that CR and ESC are handled, it seems I must edit the source code and build my own version of JGoText and JGoTextEdit for use in a modified Comment class. Is there any easier way to accomplish the customers goal of having both autowrap and being able to enter a CR or newline in a Comment? Ideally ESC would close the edit without throwing away the edited text.

From JGoTextEdit below:
protected void processKeyEvent(KeyEvent e) {
JGoTextEdit editor = myTextEdit;
if (e.getID() == KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED && e.getKeyCode() == JGoView.Key_ENTER && editor != null) {
myTextEdit = null;
if (editor.setEditedText(this.getText(), myView)) { // set new text
editor.doEndEdit(); // remove editor
} else {
myTextEdit = editor; // restore back-pointer and keep editing
} else if (e.getID() == KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED && e.getKeyCode() == JGoView.Key_ESCAPE && editor != null) {
myTextEdit = null;
// don’t set new text

First, the simple issue: ESC/Escape is supposed to abort the editing, which means it ought not to modify the JGoText at all. If you change that behavior, it may well confuse users by having unexpected behavior. Maybe you want to check for some other key to end the editing.
Second, although it may be most convenient to edit the source code, you don’t absolutely have to. The code you quote is actually part of a class deriving from JTextArea. You can certainly override JGoTextEdit.createComponent to return a new instance of your own JTextArea class, and override JGoText.doStartEdit to create an instance of your JGoTextEdit-derived class.