JGoText spurious wrapping

I have a JGoArea with a Jgo3DNoteRect at its head and JGoText at its tail. When a long string is entered into the text box the text box auto-expands and everything fits in fine. However, after serializing and de-serializing this box, when I bring up the UI again, the text box reappears with the text artficially wrapped at a truncated length. The 2 screen shots should make this problem clear. The first one is taken before serialization and the other after.
I use JGo 5.1.5
Original Box
Bringing up box again, after serializing and deserializing (handled by JGo)
Here is the serialized data pertaining to this component. I would appreciate help in spotting the issue in this data and suggestions towards possible fixes. Thanks.
this is a story of JGO wrapping that has me foxed.

I suspect the problem may be in your User_Comment layoutChildren method. This may not be setting the width of your JGoText object correctly.

I'm assuming you started with Comment.java from the jgo/examples folder. I'm not sure exactly what different behavior you are trying to implement in your User_Comment class, but the original Comment class allows multi-line comments and resizes the JGo3DRect to be just large enough to contain the JGoText object. You might want to examine the LayoutChildren method in the Comment class and compare it with your own.

I tried the vanilla Comment.java from jgo/examples instead of the customized version in our code base.

That brings up a comment box that is not resizable by default. Setting resizable to true results in a resizable box that does not auto adjust its size based on the length of the text in it. setting autoResize and/or autoRescale does not change this behavior. Also, wrapping does not seem to take place.
How can I customize the Comment.java in examples to do the following:
1. Have a customized default size
2. Be manually resizable
3. Be auto resizing based on the text in it.
4. Wrap text appropriately as I manually change the size of the box.
1. In the initialize method of Comment add something like:
myRect.setSize(100, 100); //default size
2. In initialize method of Comment change the Resizable attributes:
3. and 4.
Change layoutChildren to be similar to the following:
public void layoutChildren(JGoObject childchanged)
JGoText label = getLabel();
if (label != null) {
JGo3DNoteRect rect = getRect();
if (rect != null) {
// Set the label height, width, and wrapping width based on 3DNoteRect
// Make sure 3DNote Rect is at least tall enough to hold entire label
if (label.getHeight() > rect.getHeight())