Jumpy cursor when picking and dragging

I’m noticing a momentary cursor jump when an object is picked and dragged in a GoDiagram app. At first I thought it was a bug in my app, but I see the same thing in the demo apps. My WinXP cursor is the default “Normal Select” arrow with a shadow. When I pick an object (like a subgraph) and drag it right and down a short distance, what I see is a shadowy cursor that jumps to the left and up of the original position for a split second, before turning in to the correct “drag” cursor (a smaller arrow with a gray rectangle). The glitch is quick, but annoying. It’s more pronounced on large objects with colored backgrounds. Assuming the problem is not limited to my system, you can see it by picking and dragging one of these objects: 1) In Demo1, the dark blue
cylinder to the right of the subgraph, 2) In the Subgraph demo, make all nodes into a custom subgraph, turn on pickable background, then pick and drag on the subgraph’s background. I tested my Windows cursor in other graphic apps (Photoshop, Corel) and the cursor change when picking and dragging objects is nice and clean. Is this problem related to my OS or to GoDiagram? If it’s GoDiagram, how would I fix it? I’d prefer to eliminate the change to the “drag” cursor altogether, rather than see the jumpiness every time I pick a subgraph. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Yes, I see it too. I’ll look into the issue. thanks.

It happens very quickly, but I think the “drag” cursor (arrow with rectangle) is at first erroneously shown to the left and above the selection cursor. A split second later it snaps into its proper position so that the “drag” arrow coincides with the selection arrow. Also, occasionally, I see the crossed circle cursor (“move not allowed”) flash through, even though the drag move is perfectly legit.

Well, I’ve spent some time on this, and here’s what I’ve learned… all the cursor modification happens in Control.DoDragDrop… not GoDiagram code. And we can’t reproduce it on Vista machines, only XP. So, for now, I’m going to close this.