Known Problems with .Net 4.5?

Are there any known issues with the new (Release Candidate) .Net 4.5? If so, is there an estimated timeline for a fix release?

I installed the RC and tried to compile my project with VS2010, and it wouldn’t cleanly install, though I can’t say what the cause was (I rolled back, didn’t have time to fully investigate, sorry)


We’ve built with previous baselevels of .NET 4.5 and all seems fine so far.

Our actual release of GoXam for .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 won’t be available until some of the other tools we need are available for the platform (documentation generation, obfuscation, etc.). Sorry, no estimate for release date yet.

But to be clear, there is a known bug in Release Preview NET 4.5 that prevents some NET 4.0 applications from loading correctly, including GoWPF apps. A fix should be in the official release of NET 4.5.

Can you give any detail on the bug / call? When I built, I wasn’t sure if it was because I was doing something wrong that just happened to work in .NET 4.0, or if it was a bug. Otherwise I’ll just wait it out. If I’ve got some to-be-depricated code, I’d prefer to excise it sooner rather than later.


There’s nothing we or you can do about it.

Thanks for that. Just for complete clarity, to get GoXAM to work with .Net 4.5, both the following need to occur:

  1. I need to compile my app with VS2011/2012 targeting .Net 4.5
  2. Northwoods needs to compile GoXAM with VS2011/2012 targeting .Net 4.5

The result will run in Windows 8 DP/RC fine.

a. Will the result ALSO run in Windows 7 (presumably with .Net 4.5 RC installed)
b. Will steps 1 & 2 work when done from VS2010 w/ .Net 4.5 RC installed? (I really don’t want to move to Win8/VS2012 anytime soon, too disruptive at the moment)


Yes, as far as we have tested, applications compiled for .NET 4.5 (including GoWPF compiled for .NET 4.5) should work fine everywhere the .NET 4.5 run-time is installed.

I don’t know about VS2010 support for .NET 4.5. You’ll need to ask Microsoft about that.

Thanks, that clarifies it!