Label & Link Overlapping Problem

Hello, I’ve a problem.

When I used to link from bottom of a labeled object (eg. BPMN Gateway, BPMN Event)
there is an overlap issue with label and link object.
I want to give a link from bottom of an object with labeled to any object without any overlap issue.

Look at the Picture 1 for example

Picture 1:

How can I do that?

Modify the label in your node template(s) to have a solid “white” GraphObject.background (or whatever color your HTML DIV element has).

Make sure all of the links are behind all of the nodes. Usually that can be accomplished by setting layerName to “Background” on the link template(s), assuming you do not have any nodes that are in the “Background” layer.

In firstly, I found a solution like provided by yours. But this solution can’t completely resolve our problem.
I also need to change the position of the from port of first object.
I want to start the link from under of the label of source object

Well, if you make the port to be the whole Node, by setting portId: "" on the Node rather than on the Shape within the node template, then the normal link connection points will always be on the outside of everything within the node.