Label moving under dragged link

I have a quite complex node with several labels. Whenever I drag a link (either route a new link or re-route an existing link) over a label, the text becomes corrupted - lower or upper part (or sometimes the entire label) moves left or right by one pixel. This only happens to labels with Alignment set to TopLeft, MiddleLeft, or BottomLeft, so it is clearly a text rendering issue. There is no problem with labels set to any other alignment.

Has anyone noticed this behavior? I have GoDiagram for Windows Forms Does it also happen in version 4?

I don’t recall ever seeing an issue like this before.

Do you override Paint() on any of your objects?

No, I’m not overriding Paint method anywhere. I will try the evaluation version of GoDiagram 4 and see if it is still a problem. There is no point of solving it in version 3 if I am going to upgrade to version 4 anyway, I just asked if this is a known issue.