Label on Link

How can i achive the same for all my nodes label on the top of the Link.
Is there any property which i can set so that whenever the label created this will automatically set on the center of the link.
Thanks in advavance..

If the labels can be implemented by a single string:

GoLabeledLink link = new GoLabeledLink(); link.ToArrow = true; GoText lab = new GoText(); lab.Selectable = false; lab.Multiline = true; lab.Text = "label1\n\nlabel2"; link.MidLabel = lab; link.MidLabelCentered = true; goView1.NewLinkPrototype = link;

If the labels really need to be independent GoText objects, you’ll need to override GoLabeledLink.PositionMidLabel to place both labels where you want them to be.

Thanks walter… !