Labeled Links and Nodes


I am using the person node from the sample and am connecting the nodes with labeled links and GoText classes. I tried setting the midlabel property of the links but there is a lot of overlap between the text labels. If I use the ToLabel property, there seems to be an overlap between the node text and link label. My question is what is the best way to draw a network diagram consisting of nodes and labeled links so that the text from links and nodes do not overlap. In this case I am using the force directed layout. If you want, I can send you a screen shot of the diagram I am trying to draw.


GoLabeledLink is a GoGroup, so you have to reorder the objects to change the drawing order.
link.InsertAfter(null, label)
will move the label to the end of the list, thus ensuring that it will be drawn last.

Oops, this question was similar to one we got in email today, and I didn’t read this carefully enough…just gave you the same answer as I gave the other customer. Rereading your post now, I see I missed the point.
Yes, send a screenshot to godiagram at …

What is the amil adddress i should send the attachment to ?