LabelLink connection line not redrawing

I tried to merge the flowcharter with the links from the processor demo, so that i could have moveable lables on the links in my flowchart…for the most part it works great, but in processor the line between the label and the link constantly redraws itself as the lable is moved, this does not happen when i move the code to the flowcharter app…i know that i’m most likely missing some override of an event handler, but i’ve been through the processor code several times and cant seem to find it. all i did when i tried to add the new style links to flowcharter was copy the required files over(Flowlink.cs and LinkLabel.cs, i also added remote connectors, which works fine) and replaced the GoLabeledLink with FlowLinks throughout my code, the links show up fine, when i drag the label away from the link, it works great but if i try to move it again i end up draggin the label AND the connector line as one, and the connector line wotn redraw to the link until i stop dragging the label around.

thanks again

Hey, i figured it out. just set the DragsRealtime property to true for your view, i just put this.DragsRealtime=true; in the constructor of my view…works perfectly, tho there is some lag if you’re using a dashed line. Hope this helps somebody.