LabelNode deleted but still visible

Hi, here is the situation. I have a group which contains 3 links, 4 nodes and 1 labelnode associated to one of those links. What I’m trying to do, is to change the group programatically, remove the labelnode, remove 2 links and remove 2 nodes. Everything works fine except that the labelnode still visibile even if it was deleted. It’s a kind of visual updating problem.

No idea of what I have doing wrong?

How do you remove the nodes and links?

“Label Nodes” are just regular Nodes, so if you removed the node data object from the model, it should have been removed from the Diagram, unless there is something else that is automatically adding one back.

Yeah you are right, I tought that the function that I was calling was removing the labelnode from the model but that was not the case. Thanks you!