Landscape page setting and MarginTopRight

I am having trouble with getting the MarginTopRight spot for a GoView in Landscape mode:
I use the following piece of code:
Dim p As PointF = GoMain.MarginSpotTopRight MapPrps.SetSpotLocation(4, p)
to position an object in the top right hand corner of my Goview. I am using a backgroundsheet to show printer margins etc. on the screen. When the page settings are Landscape, the sheet is fine, but my object is positioned in a position that looks as though it still thinks in Portrait mode. i.e. the GoMain.MarginSpotTopRight seems to return a spot for the top right if the sheet was Portrait, even though it is Landscape.
I set the sheet bounds with the following code:
Me.Sheet.UpdateBounds(pgSet, Me.PrintScale)
(where Me is a GoView object, and pgSet a PageSettings from a pagesetup dialog)
BTW If anybody has problems with margins shrinking everytime a user opens a Page Setup dialog box (happens when computer's regional settings are metric) see the following MSDN article!

Are you setting the margins, or just the Bounds? note this caveat from the User’s Guide:

The sizes of the margins must be set explicitly by your application if you want them to reflect the size of any print pages, since each GoView does not know about any printers that the user may have chosen.