Landscape Printing with Ver 2.6.2 for Net 2.0

Hello All,

As the subject mentions I cannot see how to get a preview dialog that will show in a landscape format using version 2.6.2 and then print the view.
Also I have two other questions...
1. Shortly I will be upgrading the computer at work that I use GoDiagram on, I assume I will need a new code ?
2. Is it possible to upgrade to the latest version, if so how ?
Thanks, Jim
Dept Natural Resources & Water.
PS Registered using a home account for the forums because the Depts firewall blocks the IP.

We’re on vacation today, but I think if you search this forum for landscape, you’ll find your answer.

1. yes.
2. contact gosales at this domain.


I did a quick search and from what I could see answers were for later versions.
Will contact sales re the upgrade.

Landscape printing fixed, thanks.

One thing I did do was change a suggestion I found in the forums to this code so that I could have the preview screen maximised by default.
protected override void PrintPreviewShowDialog(PrintDocument pd)
if (ShowPageSetupDialog(pd) == DialogResult.OK)
PrintPreviewDialog dialog = new PrintPreviewDialog();
dialog.UseAntiAlias = true;
dialog.Document = pd;
dialog.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;