LayeredDigraphLayout - combining horizontal and veritical

I have two problems that I am struggling with on my LayeredDigraphLayout:

  1. I’d like my top two levels displayed horizontally and my third level (the yellow nodes) as vertical list (as per the second screenshot). The default is currently direction:90 and too wide. (first screenshot)

  2. A node that has links to two parents also appears on it’s own. I.e. it appears twice in my diagram (as highlighted in both screenshots.)

For (1) I would add a Group to those “children” that have the same “parent” and no other links. The Group.layout would do whatever you wanted, just on its members, the “children”.

I don’t understand the situation in (2). Did you intend to have duplicate nodes? If not, check what node data objects you added to the Model.nodeDataArray.

  1. I struggled with the group thing for a further hour or so until I found this very helpful one:
    GoJS SubGraphs -- Northwoods Software

The help docs for groups should point you to this one.

2. It turns out that the extra node was my mistake, I generated a duplicate.