Using a layeredDigraphLayout and groups at the second layer use the TreeLayout

My problem is vertical layout. With all sub nodes collapsed, it lines up beautifully but with the sub trees expanded
The sub nodes are aligning centrally.

Main layout is this:

	myDiagram = $(go.Diagram, "myDiagramDiv",  // must be the ID or reference to div
				    autoScale : go.Diagram.Uniform,   					
		            layout: $(go.LayeredDigraphLayout,{						
					direction:90, //horizontal						 

Groups is this:

 myDiagram.groupTemplate =
	        $(go.Group, "Auto",
	          { // define the group's internal layout
	            layout: $(go.TreeLayout,
				    { angle: 90, nodeSpacing: 10, layerSpacing: 40, layerStyle: go.TreeLayout.LayerUniform })
	            // the group begins unexpanded;
	            // upon expansion, a Diagram Listener will generate contents for the group
	            isSubGraphExpanded: true,

Yes, that’s the normal behavior for LayeredDigraphLayout when dealing with nodes of varying (in this case) heights. Did you want them all to be top-aligned in each layer?

If so, use the AlignedLayeredDigraphLayout defined in Aligned Layered Digraph Layout

Wonderful! Perfect solution, thank you sir! Here is the happy result.