Layers, zIndex, and groups

We use layers to make sure:

  • expanded groups are rendered below…
  • links, which are rendered below…
  • collapsed groups and nodes

This is very helpful as we can easily hide all links by hiding their layer, for example.

However, the name of an expanded group is often covered up by links and difficult to read!

We’ve tried to use zIndex to correct for this, but if I understand correctly, zIndex is only relevant within a single layer.

What options do we have to make sure an expanded group renders below links, but the group name is rendered above those links?


Your assumptions are correct. One solution is to use an Adornment that is always visible. An example is at: Node labels always in front

Note the restriction since the Adornment is a separate Part, you may want to have it handle events so that the effect is as if the event happened on the Group. It depends on what behaviors you want to implement.