Laying out Icons before the have golinks

Im curious, how would you have the autolayout layout nodes, who have no links, and you want them to fill the view going down, as opposed to having just a single row going from left to right. So if I had 50 nodes, with only 10 having links, could i have them go from left to right until the hit the right bounds of the view and then start a new row beneath it once again going to the bounds of the view. I know that I can do this programatically, but it would be difficult to avoid those 10 or so nodes that do have links and have been layed out by golayout. I am currently using the golayoutlayereddiagraph with the direction option set to directiondown.

This suggestion for dealing with disconnected nodes, or with separate graphs, has come up before. But there are still so many ways to do it.
It shouldn’t be hard to calculate how much rectangular area you need to lay out the disconnected nodes in a tabular fashion. Then you could position them above where the autolayout will position the connected graph(s).