Layout +50000 nodes

Hi all,
I am stuck with a problem that my viewer needs to show more than 50000 nodes at once, this takes 1/2 hour or so on My machine to layout them and which is not unexpected. It definitely takes longer time to layout every node.
I am just wondering is there any way around to layout those nodes without freezing machine , as said layout continues in a smooth way(like in InteractiveForce sample) until it is done.
Can it be done by performing layout for only few nodes at once and continue to the rest same way ?

thank you

Which layout are you using?

I am using GoLayoutForceDirected Layout.

I didn’t expect you to say GoLayoutForceDirected… I was expecting LayeredDigraph. If you are using ForceDirected, you can use the code from LayoutDemo to update as the algorithm proceeds.

LayeredDigraph can't do that, as the positioning of nodes and creation of links happens as the final step of the algorith.
TreeLayout is the fastest of our layouts, if what you have is tree-like.