Layout examples for GoIconicNode?

I see a couple of examples that provide some simple layout for the web url and family tree. Are there any examples of layout usinig the GoIconicNode?

The actual node types don’t matter too much to the layout algorithms, although they can affect the routing of the links.
Since both GoIconicNode and GoBasicNode have just one port (normally), you’ll get the same results as you see in LayoutDemo.

Well, I guess I should have mentioned I am using Express so Northwoods.Go.Layout is not part of this product and I’m not sure it would help.
I’m trying to get results similar to the FamilyTree example but I just have the goIconicNode. What I have to diagram are depedencies amongst a set of objects. The objects and their dependencies are read from a database and the links are set. This I have done but I have not been able to get the layout so far.