Layout for auto arrange node in BPMN Lane


I am currently trying to produce a BPMN layout very similar to the BPMN example on the GoJS samples page, but I want to auto arrange nodes in one lane I don’t need to provide any location for node . I have a screenshot below of a simple example:

Node Json
“key”: 131,
“category”: “activity”,
“text”: “Task”,
“item”: “generic task”,
“taskType”: 0,
“loc”: “515.109375 209”,
“group”: “Lane-0”
and when i am removing loc from node JSON then nodes are not displaying in lane.

The general idea is that each Group is responsible for laying out the Nodes and Links that are direct members of that Group. By default the value of Group.layout is an instance of a simple Layout that just makes sure each member Node has a real location. If you do not provide a location, the simple Layout gives it one without any knowledge of what you want.

Check the Group template for your lanes – is there an assignment to Group.layout? I’m guessing there is not, so that is what you should set.