Layout of goIconicNode with Text

If I have several goIconicNodes that I position on the Y axis so they all have the same Y value, I expect the nodes to line up. If the text is the same size, they do line up. However, if the text is short on one node and long on another, they don’t line up. I want the nodes to be lined up and the text to be centered below the node.
I must be missing some property or argument to get this behavior.

I assume you mean they all have the same X value.
What is it that you want to line up? The nodes, the labels, or the icons? If you want the icons to line up, you need to set their positions, not the nodes’ or the labels’ positions.
As it so happens, for GoIconicNodes, the Icon is the same thing as the GoObject.SelectionObject. It’s fairly common to manipulate the SelectionObject, since that will work for different kinds of nodes. In your case, you might not care, since you might only be working with GoIconicNodes. Still, I would write the code like:
float y = 10;
foreach (GoObject obj in goView1.Document) {
if (obj is IGoNode) {
obj.SelectionObject.Position = new PointF(x, y);
y += obj.Height + spacing;

I want the icons to line up.
Actually, it is y since I want the icons to line up vertically.
So this did the trick:
n.Icon.Position = new PointF(x, y);
Thanks for your prompt help!!!