Layout Problem?

Hi ,
I have a problem again at my application which I develop. I am showing the nodes which listed in listbox. When user adds lots of nodes (number is not important )while diagram has no node, the nodes are showed regularly like in picture. It works in the next line also without any problem.

But after these nodes are represented in diagram , when user adds any node listbox and say show, it adds the new node like in picture below:

Two nodes on the left are added before, after these two nodes , when user wants to add a new node , the new node is added like :


When user expands or collapse any ot these three nodes , they are listed in order as expected. How can be the reason of this problem?
Thanks for your reply and time in advance…

Do your nodes have optional ListBoxes in them? Maybe once they have been added the nodes really are a lot taller, so they take more room.

I find it very hard to understand what you are trying to say when you show abstract sketches instead of real screenshots.

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Hi Walter ,
I checked my e mails now, my email should be correct actually. There are lots of e-mails which notifies that an answer has been posted for the question, coming from Goxam Forum.But I couldn’t find an e mail like you say.
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There is a combobox which nodes are listed to be showed in diagram.User selects the related nodes from combobox and add nodes to the listbox. When the button is clicked, the nodes in listbox are showed. My problem is , when object diagram is empty , the nodes in listbox are showed correctly in diagram. But while there is any node in the diagram , when user adds any new node to the diagram , new node is added a bit up at x axis, there is no problem at y axis. You can see that situation in the second picture .

How did you define the Diagram.Layout?

The diagram Layout is like below:

                <diagramlayout:GridLayout Sorting="Forward" CellSize="10 10" Arrangement="LeftToRight"  Alignment="Position"  ConditionFlags="Standard GroupSizeChanged" ></diagramlayout:GridLayout>

Hi Walter,
I have solved the problem about layout,
when I use " objectDiagram.LayoutDiagram();" after calling this function for layout after
all adding /removing node from diagram it worked. Actually I was using
this.objectDiagram.LayoutManager.LayoutDiagram(LayoutInitial.InvalidateAll, true);
Thanks for your time and reply .

But I have one more question for you. The last situation of the diagram is kept when the page is reloaded. I am putting the nodes situation ( if the nodes are collapsed or expanded.) in isolated storage object. A data is kept for every node which has node’s key and ,node’s IsSubGraphExpanded property with a dictionary. when page is reloaded .
I am controlling the data in isolated storage and according to this data I am setting the IsSubGraphExpanded property of related node within transaction. My code works correctly, I controled it with breakpoint. The nodes which should come as collapsed, are coming as collapsed. The nodes which should come as expanded are coming as expanded. Its collapse / expand button comes as expanded but its children don’t come . Interestingly,after page is reloaded when I click any control , it shows its children suddenly.What does trigger it , I couldn’t understand it.
Thanks in advcance Walter for the reply…

The only time I have seen or heard anything like that is because some model changes had been performed but not within a transaction. Then any other regular operation would result in the diagram being updated normally, including those earlier changes.