layoutDiagram not animating in 1.7.28


While evaluating GoJS i was using 1.7.26.
I just activated my license, downloaded the customized GoJS download - which happens to be 1.7.28

With the same code base -
in 1.7.26 when i did diagram.layoutDiagram(true); - it re-jigged my diagram with nice smooth animations
in 1.7.28 the same code base, the layoutDiagram(true) does not animate to final layout - it just abruptly snaps to new layout.

Not sure if its a broken/bug 1.7.28 thing, or something to do with the customized download.

That sounds odd, its possible there’s a bug. Can you give me a case to reproduce this issue? If its small, you could make it in a codepen.

Actually this is a regression bug in 1.7.28

Page Flow sample (its using 1.7.28), if you move some nodes and then press the layout it also doesnt animate.

I have the samples download for 1.7.26, for the same sample above, it animates

there is your steps to reproduce.

Any luck reproducing it on your end?

We have a release coming up - need to know if i should be requesting a 7.26 release for my license key or if you’ll have a fix very soon for this issue - or a workaround

We’ve just released 1.7.29, which fixes the bug that you just reported. Thanks for reporting it!

Damn that was fast… thank you.
Ill give it a try