I’m evaluating goDiagram wpf ( currently I’m using windows app).
How to create a custom library and import them into wpf application?

It’s possible ?


Could you explain what you mean by “custom library”?
Are you talking about code or about diagram templates or about particular saved diagrams?
It’s hard for me to answer unless I know a lot more about what you need.

GoXam for WPF does not require the use of any particular data format for persisting diagram data.

Sorry, I need to create a library of custom node.
To define my prototype of node I suppose to create WPF Custom Control Library

I compare a Windows app architecture to WPF app and maybe I’m wrong…

public class MyCustomNode: Node{


public class MyCustomNode2: Node{

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Thank in advance.

I think the only reason to create a new class is if you need to override a method. What method were you thinking that you needed to override? GoXam has been designed to minimize the need for subclassing of Node, Link, or any objects in the visual tree.

for example, I’m looking Demo “SequentialFunction.xaml” and inside xaml markup there is a UserControl.Resources that define the DataTemplate node.

I need to create an external library of WPF Control of DataTemplate, simply load a NodeTemplateDictionary from external DLL.

Sorry, but I’ve been used Windows Form .

Thank for your support!

Yes, the XAML world is quite different from Windows Forms, so it will take a while to get used to it.

It’s worth a good bit of time learning WPF well before you attempt to do whatever you need to do.

Yes, I agree your opinion and statically I’ve been loaded a simple node from an other project.

But, dinamically I’ don’t understand that source code doesnt’work:

SimpleNode sn = new SimpleNode();
object obj = sn.Template;

        DataTemplateDictionary dtd = new DataTemplateDictionary();
        dtd.Add("SimpleNode", obj);

        myPalette.NodeTemplateDictionary = dtd;

Thank a lot.

In WPF DataTemplates are quite different from FrameworkElements.

As a practical matter, you have to implement “SimpleNode” in XAML.