Licence Key not activated


Hi. I am rewriting an application and the instruction to set the key does not work in the new project:

  • I copied the key initialization from a working project to this new one

  • The code resides at the same place, in the New sub of the main form of the project (see below, I deleted the real key of course)

  • I get the trial text whenever I create a go diagram

    Public Sub New()
    Northwoods.Go.GoView.LicenseKey = “yadiyadah”
    End Sub

Please advise,



The key encodes the application name. Did you generate a new key with the License Manager?


I get this error in the debug window:

Northwoods.Go license error:
Invalid GoView.LicenseKey value: **
** component: Northwoods.GoWin [Northwoods.Go, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a4e3b7b70161cfe8]

** licensed component: Northwoods.GoWin 5.2**
** licensed application: vCubeEnterpriseAdministrator**
Please upgrade the GoView.LicenseKey to at least version 5.3

I did download te 5.3 and requested a new dev licence but the one I received still says 5.2. Am I missing something?


** licensed component: Northwoods.GoWin 5.2 **

You are trying to activate and run a 5.3 key with a 5.2 license installed in the license manager.


Thanks, it now works with the 5.3 key.