License/Deployment Issues

We are working on 300+ developer project, and the processing flowchart is just a tiny portion of it. Building the component was not a problem, but after that I have discovered that the lc.exe has this “misfeature” that it can be applied to an EXE file only. The problem is, we have no control over the EXE build, or even the source code! Our DLL is called dynamically at run-time. Of course, at the later date, we can possibly get another license and install it on the build machine (it is half-globe across the world!), but how would I test meanwhile?
Does anybody know a work-around on how to add the license to a DLL instead of EXE?

I recently talked with a Microsoft engineer who admitted that this behavior was a “feature”. I don’t believe they will change their code.
You shouldn’t have any problems testing on your machine. The problem that you have is that other people can’t test it on their machines.