License Issue when using .Net 6

We’ve been using Northwoods.GoWin via the NuGet package, until recently using version 6.1 for an application using .Net Framework 4.8 and then moving to .Net 5, this all went smoothly without any issues in GoDiagram.

However, when updating from .Net5 to .Net 6, we’ve started to see the License nag message in the GoView viewport, even though the GoView.LicenseKey is being set to a valid license code.

Even when upgrading to the 6.2 version of Northwoods.GoWin and requesting a new license, we still see the same watermark message:

Please can you advise on what we can do to resolve this.


I’ve narrowed things down a little further, using the sample app ProtoApp.

If I update the project file to target “net5.0-windows” (and using the NuGet package) like so:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">


    <PackageReference Include="Northwoods.GoWin" Version="6.2.0" />


And then set the GoView.LicenseKey to a key string generated using the application name “ProtoApp”, then this seems to work fine, there is no watermark.

If I then update the TargetFramework in the project file to be “net6.0-windows”, and build and run, then I see the license nag watermark.

That’s right. GoDiagram was built with .NET 5. Microsoft has done us the favor of making .NET 6 incompatible with our licensing code that has run for over 10 years. I’m afraid you’ll have to run with .NET 5 until we get a new release out with a bugfix and support for .NET 6.

We are also seeing the same issue with GoXam on .Net 6 as well, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Would you have any idea of a timeframe for getting a bugfix for GoDiagram and GoXam?

We have production code targeting .Net 6 as this is the version slated for long term support by Microsoft. This issue and the same one with GoXam is a release blocker for us.

For GoXam:

Thanks for the pointer, I have confirmed that the issue we saw with GoXam is resolved by updated to 3.0.3 for the Northwoods.GoWPF package.

Just need resolution on fixing the issue for the Northwoods.GoWin package.

Working on the new GoDiagram kit.

send an email to godiagram at (this domain) and I’ll email you a test set of DLLs.

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What do I need to do to get the license for 6.3?

I’ve sent in a license request, using the link from the License Manager in the Northwoods.GoWin 6.3 NuGet package, but I’m only getting a license key string for version 6.2.

Sorry about that. Do another request, the version has been updated for all those under subscription.