License Key not working for version downloaded from npm

We’ve been using licensed GoJS version 1.7.8 for over 2 years. Now I’ve downloaded same version 1.7.8 from npm but the license key isn’t working. Do I need a new license key ?

Are the two library files actually the same?

I cannot tell what your order number is – please fill in that field in your forum account’s profile, at

If your company purchased an unlimited domains license, you may need to upgrade to v1.8 if you want to use the library from npm.

I’m unaware if my company purchased unlimited domains license, I shall get back to you on that. Is the upgrade to v1.8 from v1.7.8 free of charge?

That depends on whether you are still under support. I can’t tell because I don’t know your order number.

Hi Walter, I’ve updated the order number in the profile.

Thanks. I think support has expired. You should talk with the sales folks, who contacted you yesterday. For now you can keep using the library that you had been using before.

Okay, but how about upgrading to the latest patch 1.7.29 ? Will I need a new license key for that as well ? In the deployment page (GoJS Deployment -- Northwoods Software) it says something about older activation method, is that what has been granted to our application and is it the reason for not being able to activate go.js downloaded from the npm ?

Yes, you can do that. You’ll need to request a new library and follow the instructions in the email.