License Manager Issue

We are facing issues while activating the license of the GoDiagram 6.2 via “GoDiagram License Manager application”.
There seems to be a discrepancy on how the PC Name is handled, when I requested a license from a PC named for e.g. “ABC-DENT” , I received an email with unlock codes for PC “ABCDENT” (without hypen).

When I click “Install a License” and try to enter the received unlock codes, it gives me an error as “Invalid License Key”

We strip out the - on both ends, so that’s not a problem.

Go back to License Manager, and click on the “Request a License”. grab the URL generated and email it to

We just re-did the whole site, including license request form, and I’m thinking you’ve found a problem.

I believe we’ve fixed the problem, you can just try the Request License from the License Manager again. It will generate and send you a new code.

I just tried and now I got the below response:
Reason 3: too many unlock codes have been requested for the number of licenses purchased.

Is there a way to reset it, since previously generated codes were with the wrong PC Name and hence unusable.

Reset. Try again.