Licensing and Windows Forms Control in IE

We would like to use GoDiagram in a Windows Forms Control dll in Internet Explorer. Is this model supported?
Since the License Compiler does not support dlls, when using a licensed component in a UserControl from IE, a .License file has to be created and is referenced with a tag in the web page. In testing we created this .License file from the licenses.licx file in the project using the License Compiler, yet we are still getting a license pop-up when loading the control in IE which states that “The license for this copy of GoDiagram is invalid or has expired”.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Are you using .NET 1.1? But even then I’m not sure that will work. We developed a work-around for the .NET license architecture problems. Send us e-mail for support.

Yes, I am using .NET 1.1. So will the work-around you mentioned resolve this issue?

i have the same problem, can i have the work-around also?