Licensing with Microsoft C++ .NET 2003

Hi all,
I’m developing an application using GoDiagram and Microsoft C++.NET 2003. The application is running well on my computer. There is a problem when deploying the application to other PC, the GoDiagram still asked the License. I tried a simple program using C#, the application is running wel, but not when using C++.NET.
How to configure the license when using Microsoft C++.NET?
Any help would be appreciated.

I have to do this for 3rd party .net controls seems deving in MC++ is not very nice for us - I belive its all about to change back in .net 2005 though :¬)
here is some info from another vendor that got me through “quote”

For your convenience, I've included the instructions on creating the licenses file below. In step 1, you only need to change the version number in the existing licenses.licx file to, and step 4 is already done.
1. Create a licenses.licx file in the project directory. This
file should have one line (without line breaks):
Extreme.Mathematics.License, Extreme.Mathematics,, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2. Open a Visual Studio Command Prompt from the Start Menu.
3. Execute the following command from within the project folder:
lc.exe /target: /complist: /v
This creates a .licenses file in the project folder.
4. In the Project properties, go to the 'input' page of the Linker
configuration. Add the .licenses file you just created to the
"Embed Managed Resource File" property.

All applications will need to be recompiled.
"end quote"
Hope i have understood what you wanted
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Thanx Mac,
I have followed your instruction, the application ran well on my computer but not on the computer without installed GoDiagram.
I had the same problem in using other component like ComponentOne, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET won’t read the component’s license. So they gave their version of LC.exe. Is GoDiagram has another version of LC.exe for compiling C++.NET file?

Sorry IMan
I was hoping that would do the job :¬(
Looks like I am going to need this information as well if i purchase GoDiagram.
I had to drop using Actipro software tools (docking windows) for this type of reason ages ago and went over to using infragistics netadvantage instead which has no licenseing built in at runtime ONLY at design time

Have you had any luck getting GoDiagram C++ built projects to run on other pc’s
This could be the show stopper i dont need.
All the best

As I am about to purchase this product I need to know how to Deploy it
Visual MC++ has limitations on embeded licensing and i have had alot of trouble before with other vendors
Do you have any MC++ specifics on how to do this please
We already have a thread that doesnt look very hopefull…
but as I am trialing it i cant realy try and help out
All the best

I took the liberty of moving your message to this thread.
I had corresponded with him via e-mail in middle of last week, but haven’t heard from him since. I expect that means everything’s OK, but I am trying to confirm that.
I was (mildly) surprised to learn about this problem and to find that other component vendors have had this problem too. Apparently the .NET licensing architecture has never been an area that Microsoft has given much attention.
In any case, if you do purchase a license, we’ll make sure it works for you.

Many thanks :¬)

Appologise for dragging up this fairly old thread. I don’t hang around these forums every day (too much code to write!)

[QUOTE=walter]In any case, if you do purchase a license, we’ll make sure it works for you.[/quote]

I’d just like to backup what walter said. We had some reservations about the licensing before we bought our copies. Northwoods went all out to make sure it all worked for us. Without going into detail, there are ways to do just about anything once you have a valid license.