LimitedNode moving

I will be grateful if somebody can help me,
I am building a data-base based graph, using the
LimitedNode object. but when the graph is wider than a specific width, i had a problem when dragging a node, the right-most nodes jumped to the left soon as i tried to move them.

It sounds like you are using the unmodified LimitedNode example class definition. There’s an override of GoObject.ComputeMove there that artificially restricts movement of the node to keep its Location.X value between 50 and 500.
The LimitedNode example class exists to demonstrate various ways of limiting different kinds of behavior. I recommend that you examine each method and decide whether you really need that functionality or not. I’m sure there are other methods there that you don’t want in your application.
By the way, depending on the kind of application you have, you might also want to adapt code from the DataSetDemo example, in version 2.5. 1

hi Walter,
thanks alot, i really appriciate your assist.