Limiting the size of text in GoComment

I could not find this property but I want to put in page breaks and limit the size of the text a user can enter in a GoComment. Any way to do this currently.

Page breaks? Could you explain what you want?
Regarding limiting the size of the text – there’s no built-in limit. But you have at least four courses of action:
If you just want to set TextBoxBase.MaxLength to limit the number of characters the user can have in the text, you can override GoText.DoBeginEdit to call the base method and then (if GoView.EditControl is non-null) get view.EditControl.GetControl(view) as TextBox, and set its MaxLength property.
If you want to limit the size of the text as they are typing into the TextBox in some more sophisticated manner than just the number of characters, you’ll need to implement your own TextBox-inheriting control, and override GoText.CreateEditor to return a new GoControl whose GoControl.ControlType is the type of your Control.
If you want to limit the text after they have finished typing but before GoText.Text is set, you can validate the text by overriding GoText.DoEdit. (If you want to show a MessageBox or some other form, call GoView.DoCancelMouse() first, in case the ending of the in-place edit was caused by a mouse click elsewhere in the view.)
Or if you don’t mind fixing up invalid text after the GoText.Text property has been set, you can implement a GoView.ObjectEdited event handler.

Sorry for a delayed reply to your questions…but when I said page break, I meant was a line break. As for the length of the text…I implemented a soultion quite similar to what you suggested.