Lines miss in SVG export


the export of Gotext-elements to svg "looses" text. If I have a gotext box which has a smaller size than the text - like this:
The second line of the textbox will not be exported to svg. The exported svg only contains "1 Situations and". Exporting to an image like png or jpeg is no problem. Is there a way, workaround to export all lines of a gotextbox to svg even when the content has a "bigger size" than the gotext element?
Thank you for any help!

What are the property values for the GoText object? Are Multiline false and Wrapping true?

I assume you are showing a screen shot of your GoView. I don’t understand why there is text beyond the GoText.Bounds. Are AutoResizes false and Clipping false? That’s not a good idea, as the documentation states.

Actually, what SVG viewer are you using? We developed GoSvg using the Adobe SVG viewer, and I believe everything was working pretty well at the time.

Thank you Walter - I should read the documentation carefully first . Setting the clipping property true was a good idea! But there is one difference when using a hyphen in a text.

In GoView it looks like that:
and the result in the ie (using Adobe SVG Viewer) looks like that:
Thank you for your support!

Each SVG viewer will render text differently, and they will also be different from GDI+/System.Drawing/WindowsForms.

I assume you inserted the hyphen yourself, and that GoText.Wrapping is true. I suggest that you not try to fiddle with the details of the text wrapping in WinForms or make precise assumptions about the size of the text, because that would decrease the likelihood it will render reasonably in SVG.

Ok I got what you mean. But isn’t the svg-markup generated by the gosvg exporter/generator? Because the text is already wrapped wrong in the svg markup. I think that the exporter is ignoring the hyphen for wrapping the text. The markup for the text above in the svg file is:

1 Situations and Potential of
The problem is obviously that the first tspan tag not lasts until the hyphen. Isn't that code generated by the gosvgenerator? So I don't think that it is a rendering problem or am I wrong?

Hi walter,

can you give me a quick answer if the above mentioned behavior is normal or is it a bug?

I’ll assume GoText.Wrapping is true.

It is the expected behavior because the text rendering is not considering hyphen as a word delimiter. Unfortunately we cannot spend the time to re-create the entire (and I believe undocumented) way in which GDI+ wraps text.

But perhaps you can make that change yourself, at least for this case.

Thank you for your support!