Link arrow not showing

I have create a Link between two objects using the code:

Northwoods.Go.GoLink link = new Northwoods.Go.GoLink();
link.Orthogonal = true;
link.AvoidsNodes = true;
link.FromPort = fromPort;
link.ToPort = toPort;
fromPort.FromSpot = Northwoods.Go.GoObject.MiddleRight;
toPort.ToSpot = Northwoods.Go.GoObject.MiddleLeft;
link.ToArrow = true;
But on the screen no arrow is shown. And the link line does not start on middle of the object
If use from MiddleBottom to MiddleTop the arrow is shown.
Am I missing something?

Yes, that should be enough. Where are your ports coming from? Part of a node, I hope? Normally, you don’t have to play with FromSpot/ToSpot on stock nodes.

Maybe you can upload a screenshot here… that often helps. Use the “Post Reply” button at the top to get the full editor with upload feature.

(You can run NodeLinkDemo, pick a link and change the ToArrow property to see what should be happening.)

Hi Jake,

thanks to this "Where are your ports coming from? " I have manage to figure out where my problem was. I was using a custom Node where only the TopPort was created and was used for link.
Thanks for the help.