Link behaviour

I’m creating a link (orthogonal with rounded corners) between two ports that are vertically aligned. See picture below

Notice that the link (in green starting at ‘Out 0’) tries to leave the outer bounding area (labelled Cross Point Switch) at the bottom of the outer bounding area and then comes back up to the other port labelled ‘In 4’.

I really don’t want it to do this.

If I remove the outer bounding area the link behaves how I want it to. It goes cleanly and directly between the two ports. How can I have this preffered behaviour whilst still having the outer bounding area? I’ve tried
modifying ‘avoid’ type methods without success.



Looks like you’ve found a bug in the addOrthoPoints method in JGoLink. Near the start of this method there is the following code:

JGoObject fromnode = getFromPort().getTopLevelObject();
just a few lines later there is:
JGoObject tonode = getToPort().getTopLevelObject();
Both of these lines are actually getting the containing subgraph rather than the node that contains the port. If you change the lines to be as follows, it should correct the problem:
JGoObject fromnode = getFromPort().getParentNode();
JGoObject tonode = getToPort().getParentNode();
This change will be in the next release of JGo.

Cool, many thanks.