Link connect inside node

I have a node that have constant position and nodes inside it. How to connect links to inner side of border?

Is it not the case that the bigger Node is a Group with three smaller member Nodes?

If it were a Group with member Nodes, I believe the routing you get is what happens automatically. See for example the link from “C” to “Psi” in, because “C” is a member of the “Psi” group. Try dragging “C” around. Whereas the link from “B” to “Omega” always has the arrowhead on the outside of “Omega”, because “B” is not a member of “Omega”.

But if they are just four regular Nodes where one happens to be bigger and behind the other three, then the default behavior is to assume that all non-group nodes are “solid” and “atomic”. You can still get that behavior by overriding Link.getLinkDirection to return the opposite angle for that case.

I add that method to link constructor, but it doesn`t work.
getLinkDirection: function (node, port, linkpoint, spot, from, ortho, othernode, otherport) {
var angle = go.Link.getLinkDirection(node, port, linkpoint, spot, from, ortho, othernode, otherport);
return -angle

That’s not how you override a method in JavaScript. Please see the example in or in many of the extensions at

Also, if you are writing a subclass in ES2015/ES6 or in TypeScript, it’s easier – you can call super.getLinkDirection.