Link Design?

I want to draw many tiems turn free-form line as it on attached diagram.

but the line in goxam is too hard.

The direction of arrow is beyond my control.

How to implement way?

Expected Design :

Current Line :

Your expected design looks pretty much like what the default behavior would be using GoXam.

Your node DataTemplates would have to display the proper graphics, of course, and define the appropriate number of “port” elements.

I’m not sure why you have those green rectangles: are they “handles” because some links are selected, or are they always visible on the nodes?

Thanks walter.

You got me wrong.

The attached image made by VISIO so you are able to ignore green rectangles.

I want to draw breaking curve which is not connected to each node.
besides, It automatically compute and changed when arrow direction is longer than specific length.

I checked that it was curved automatically when I linked node to node,
set option [Routing=“AvoidsNodes”]

I just want to draw many times curve which is not connected to each node.

No way?

Do you want the user to be able to draw a new link by clicking many times where they want the link route to go?
In other words, do you want a customized LinkingTool that lets the user draw a link with many segments, but otherwise behaves the same way?

We have a sample tool like that, called RoutingLinkTool, in GoDiagram that we haven’t translated to GoXam.