Link is reshaping in swimlane

Link is reshaping in swimlane.
Is there a way to stop it? When I move a swimlane link is reshaping in swimlane.

We’ll try to reproduce the problem. Precisely which version of GoJS are you using? Just evaluate go.version or look at the first few lines of the go.js or go-debug.js file.

GoJS v1.8.36

Is there any progress about this issue?

Yes, I thought we sent you email about this. Try the not-yet-released code at go.js or go-debug.js. I expect it will be released soon, after we have gotten more feedback from people like you.

There were no changes, the problem continues

Have you confirmed that you are actually using the new library? Can you tell us how to reproduce the problem?

Yes, we used 2.0.1 library exactly.

I have uploaded a file in attachments. This file is json data of my example model. While you try to get the issue, you can import this json data.

Model json

But which app is the model for? And has the sample been modified at all?

This model has been created in our application. We didn’t created this model from another your sample.

We demonstrated this issue in a video linked below.
We use your bpmn example page for this.

But if I do that operation in the 2.0.1 BPMN page, it works as you would expect: It does not re-route the link.

So it seems fixed in 2.0.1 for us at least in this test case. I wonder if there is something different about your project templates, or something else about your setup, exactly. Can you give me another test case that fails for you with 2.0.1?

With the update you’ve made, the problem seems to be solved in part. But we observed that this does not work in any case. You can see the problem later in the video at the link below.

I see what you mean. There are two issues at play:

  1. Dragging a group was invalidating the link routes because the links passed “through” the group. This was definitely a mistake. Links should not be re-routed because they are contained within the group. This is the bug we fixed in 2.0.1

  2. Separately, there’s the issue that if you drag a group with a Link that has a custom route, and the link goes through nodes that it is supposed to be avoiding, upon drop, do you re-route that link? Right now the answer is “yes”, but its totally reasonable behavior to expect the answer to be “No, if nodes-to-avoid are part of the set of dragged objects, they should be ignored and excluded from link re-routing.”

We are investigating it now, and will probably change the behavior for #2, but if we do, only in the 2.0 branch.

In the mean-time, are you sure you want AvoidsNodes routing?

In any case if custom routing is enabled we dont want gojs to recalculate the links nodes in swimlane.

Did you try setting Link.routing to go.Link.Orthogonal?