Link label detaching

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im refering you to a thread i posted somewhere last month , about ability to detach the link’s label from it :

as a part of the solution those labels must be in the middle of the link , you said that this is required for the solution .
But , my client demands that they wo’nt be there in the middle point of the link , instead i should put them at the left side of the link . still i want to maintain the ability to be able to drag move them as i did with your help how can i do that ?

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No, I said in that forum topic that that code was making the assumption that there was only one label at the default/middle location.

If you want to have a movable label that defaults to some other segment index/fraction/offset, that’s OK, but you will need to adapt that tool code to accommodate such differences, in addition to whatever other limitations you might want to impose on if/when/how the user may move the label.

your answer was a little vague,or i just did’nt get it , can you explain a little more ?

  1. are we talking about the same simple label dragging tool from that sample?
    2.what is the reason a link’s label must be in the middle for the dragging purpose? to make it appear on the left side without loosing the drag moving efect ?
    4.what methods would i have to change and why ?
    5.what is the XAML change to place the label on the left side of the link ?

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  1. Yes, I was referring to the SimpleLabelDraggingTool in StateChart.xaml.cs.
  2. That’s what I was trying to say in my reply here – there is no such reason that it has to be that way, but the SimpleLabelDraggingTool was making that assumption which is why that tool doesn’t work on other link labels.
  3. You’ll need to adapt the tool.
  4. You’ll need to figure that out – that’s why it’s a sample and you have its source code.
  5. go:LinkPanel.Offset

I do recommend reading the section about link labels in the GoXamIntro.pdf or Link Labels

hey , I’ll try your suggestions

thanks for the reply.