Link Label is overlapping with node


I am using Tree Layout to generate the tree (Org tree) from our backend response. I have added the link label template as well to add labels for each vertex. Here is there JSFiddle for the same: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

as you can see the the label “NO_MEMBER_TAG” is overlapped with the node.

As you can see Link Lable is getting overlapped with the node and the link. we wanted to have sufficient distance between 2 nodes so the link label’s visibility is apparent to the user. I observed when the children node has its own children then the distance between 2 consecutive nodes is automatically adjusted I want this behavior to be in each node so the link label will be visible in each scenario.

I am new to GoJs I have tried couple of solution from the Forum as well as from the Stackoverflow but no luck so far.

can anyone help ??

If you want to use a TreeLayout.treeStyle that uses “alternate…” property values, you probably want to increase the TreeLayout.alternateLayerSpacing property value to 150 or so. It probably should be the same as the TreeLayout.layerSpacing value.

Ok I think I got the solution. Just need to remove TreeLayout.StyleLastParents